How Do You Feel? Part 2

Is it time to heal?

January 20, 2020, by Michelle Aalbers

This blog begins in the same manner as Part 1. Take a moment and notice how you feel right now. Sit comfortably and notice your breath. Without trying to change your breath, notice the inhales and the exhales. Do they feel smooth? Are your breaths full and deep or are they shallow? Next, take inventory of the tension in your body. Begin at the top of your head and notice from your head to your toes where you feel space. Where you feel tightness. Notice if you feel aches or pains. Take a few breaths and set the intention to bring relaxation into your body and breath.


Think back to how you felt when you completed the exercise from the January 16th blog post. If you haven’t already done that exercise, take a moment to go do that now before you continue reading.


Remember how you felt when you thought about the 5 people you hold most near and dear to your heart? Do you feel this same way when you think about yourself? Maybe you feel it in the same places in your body but the areas feel different when you think about yourself. Do you feel expansion or does tension come up? Until you have that same love and kindness for yourself that you have for your loved ones, healing will have limitations. Healing comes from within. Healing requires self-love.



Look at the list of 5 people you love again. Did you list yourself? You should be #1 on that list! Loving yourself means living your truth and that gives you power. It gives you the power to begin healing from within yourself. When that happens things start shifting and healing becomes an easier, welcoming way of life rather than a daily challenge. It becomes easier to make better choices for yourself.

Spending some time each day quieting the mind and connecting with your true self is the best gift you can give yourself. Bring in gratitude. It can be difficult to know where to start. Being mindful in every thought, in every action, and in stillness is a game-changer. The body knows what it needs but most people have no idea what the body is saying. Your body feels and stores your emotions.



Do you know where you hold your tension? Where does your emotion go? I invite you to pay attention to that. Notice what happens in your body when you are stressed, angry, or sad. When do you tense up and where do you feel that tension in your body? Tension blocks the energy flowing through your body which impairs its capability to heal naturally.

So how do we go about reducing tension? How do we find stress relief and healing? What does your body need right now to work towards balance? Changing our external world isn’t always possible but we can always change our internal world.  Choose to love yourself without judgment today.

Are you listening to what your body is telling you right now? Will you make the choice to make a change? Will you choose yourself? A small place to start with a big impact is to set a daily reminder to bring in gratitude each morning and evening. Perhaps you will be called to try it for a month.

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