I’ve been told I came into this world holding my breath. The nurse handed me to my mother and said, “Well, you’ve got a stubborn one here. She held her breath for her entire first bath.” And so began my story. I’ve been told I’ve been stubborn on more than one occasion in my life. It used to make me feel like I was being judged and perceived as a big pain in the butt. Being called stubborn often made me feel bad about myself. Like I made life difficult for others because I had a mind of my own. Maybe that’s why I became a people pleaser. It was one extreme or the other. I was either stubborn to a fault or I was making sure everyone else was happy at the expense of myself. Let’s be honest. I have definitely made life difficult for others and myself on more than one occasion! However; I now realize that I absolutely can be stubborn AND that can absolutely be a good thing! I don’t give up easily. I get things done. Perspective. Self-love. They matter!
The tendency to hold my breath didn’t stop. Any time I concentrated or felt pretty much any emotion, I held my breath. My body was tense, my lungs were not being used properly and my mind was anything but calm. I was led to my breath when I began my training for Thai massage over 8 years ago. Add in yoga teacher training and suddenly not only am I breathing mindfully when things get stressful but that breath is calming, healing and full. Inhales and exhales became mindful and intentional. 
My favorite go-to breath is 1:1 breath. Also called Sama Vritti breath. You can do it anywhere and anytime to pause, reconnect and reset. It can reduce stress and bring balance. Learn more about this breath at Yoga International. https://yogainternational.com/article/view/why-breath-matters-and-how-to-breathe-well-in-yoga-class  How are you breathing? I invite you to try Sama Vritti breath today. 
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