What if you put your energy into healing for the highest good?

I’d love to know your true story. Have you thought about it? If you’re not writing your story, grab a pen and dream it up! If your pen is busy writing others’ stories to avoid your own, bring it back to your life story and put your energy there. Everything starts with you. You are the center of the Universe. Change and healing start within. They begin with you. Know your truth and live it. 






What if we all did more listening, less judging and began to heal? 

This is a blog filled with questions. I invite you to dig in. Ponder the questions. Find your answers and choose where to go from there. Reach out if you’d like. I’m living this, too. You are not alone. Showing yourself and others loving kindness will change the world. 






Have your hopes and dreams have been dictated to you by society, friends, and family? 

We all have people in our lives who think they know what’s best for us. Sometimes they are right. Sometimes it’s easier to ask others to tell us what they think we need than it is to look within ourselves for answers. Sometimes others are projecting their own needs, wants, and beliefs onto us out of their own fears. It may sound loving and healthy to have people want more for you than they give themselves, however; often it is projected onto you without any consideration around who you are as a person or your list of life experiences, beliefs, wants, hopes and dreams. Your choices around your experiences create your story. Find the courage to go big with your story.



Are expectations smothering joy?

As a parent, I’m certain I’ve projected onto my boys, things I wanted for them that I was too stuck or too afraid to offer myself. As I dig into healing myself, living with intention, and taking a pause to reflect and discern if I’m coming from a kind heart, I now realize that the biggest gift I can give my sons is the freedom to live their best lives. I do not presume to know their dreams, hopes, and fears. When I approach them without expectations and we are able to simply BE (be our unique, individual selves) together, I am able to see my sons. To hold space so they can reveal whatever pieces of themselves they choose to share. To simply be in the place of love, compassion and kindness with my sons is beautiful, connected and precious. 



What would the world look like if we worked on healing ourselves for the highest good? 

As I heal myself, I also open my awareness of how I treat others. I am not perfect. I am human. I do make every effort to listen, hold space, and love everyone exactly where they are. I don’t know their story. I only know my perception of their story based on the pieces they choose to share with me. Talking to people and hearing their dreams and goals is a wonderful learning experience. I find it inspiring to hear what others want for their highest good. When we truly live for the highest good, it has a ripple effect in the world. Don’t dim your light for anyone. Shine brightly to the world.



What if we open our minds and hearts to discover our Selves?

We are all watching our own movie. I made choices that allowed others (literally everyone but me) to direct my movie for most of my life. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into connecting with my Self over the last few decades. Learning to quiet the mind, soften the body, forgive myself, listen and connect to my soul. I have allowed myself to open my mind and BE. To nurture. To face shadows. To grow. To find my Self and my community who can support from a higher place. That’s how I began to realize I have my own dreams, hopes, wants, and beliefs. They were created from my past, my experiences, my soul and even my pain. 



What if you put your energy into letting go, healing, and moving forward?

Do you know your:

  • Past 
  • Pain
  • Dreams 
  • Hopes
  • Wants 
  • Beliefs


What is your story around your list? I suspect some of the stories on that list are easier to write than others. Chances are they are the ones that are most painful. Those memories you hang on to because you haven’t figured out a way to let them go yet. It may be painful to write those stories that bring up hurt, trauma and pain; but, it is likely they are easy to recall. I hear Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman saying, “It’s easier to remember the bad.” Awareness is power. Learn. Heal. Grow.


Who is writing your story? 

Even the things that happen outside of your control (that’s most everything!) give you a choice in how to respond to them and bring them into your story. Seek help, reach out to those who are in alignment with your higher Self, but ultimately, look within to know your choices are aligned with your highest good. You are the author. Dream big! 

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