Welcome to Jai Dee


We offer a safe and loving space for people to explore and nurture their own self-healing for the highest good. Wellness services include Thai massage, western massage, Reiki, Zentangle Method® (meditative drawing), yoga, restorative yoga, wellness workshops and more.


Jai Dee is committed to providing opportunities within a safe and loving space for self-healing, nurturing and growth. Jai Dee will provide ongoing care and learning opportunities as part of the client’s personal wellness program so they can lead healthier, happier and more productive lives. The intention is always for the client’s highest good of balancing the energies of their mind, body, and spirit.

A kind and cozy studio ready to facilitate your healing.

Jai Dee is a wellness studio with regular yoga classes, workshops, and services focusing on self-healing and personal development. We know that for healing to begin you must first work on self-love in a kind, loving and unconditional way. We can promise you will be welcomed to the studio and cared for with a kind heart. In turn, when you come to Jai dee with a kind heart we can help you reduce tension, heal from within and calm the mind. You can shift out of old habits to balance the mind-body-spirit connection.


When I was looking to rename my self-healing and wellness studio, Thai phrases kept coming to mind. I landed on the phrase “Jai Dee”. Jai means heart. Dee means good. Translated, it means “kind-hearted”. You may have noticed I’m not Thai but Thailand is in my heart. I visit as often as I can to train and study with my teachers, and to heal and reset. We know that for healing to begin you must first work on a kind-hearted self-love, and that’s why everything that is done in the Jai Dee Studio starts with loving kindness.

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