Your Astrological Big Three and Mercury

Have a group of Besties? Want a new and fun way to connect and understand each other

at a whole new level?

Then try a Big Three and Mercury Astrology Party with Nikki.

The first things others notice about you are your Astrological Big Three:

Your sun-ego

Your moon-emotions

Your ascendant-your appearance and outward manner

Add your mercury- how you communicate and express yourself on a daily basis and you have a pretty fair understanding of someone.

Understanding these parts of your chart will help you in your relationships with others. As you understand yourself and your traits you will come to recognize how you and your friends compliment or challenge each other. During your chat with Nikki, you will learn about yourself and your friends. We will have an informative, yet light-hearted conversation where you will gain a deeper understanding of each other. This will lead to easier, more effective communication and a greater ability to lovingly

hold space for each other. We will definitely have a few laughs too!

Astrology has been a part of my life since I’ve been eight years old. I’ve studied, explored, and self-taught for many years. I am currently in the process of becoming a certified astrologer. I am excited to share the insights, understanding, and compassion astrology can offer you for yourself and for others through my classes. I hope you will discover that your quirks are your strengths. I have a desire to be a positive influence on others and the collective. I believe using astrology to promote acceptance can help achieve that goal.

The main form of astrology I use is Esoteric, however, I also use insights from Judiciary Astrology.

Nikki G Larson - Your Astrologer

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Please note this information is for entertainment purposes only and should not be referred to as advice or counseling.


  • Four-person minimum.
  • The conversation will be about 1.5-3 hours depending upon the number of attendees. Groups of ten or more will need two appointments or shortened discussion time.
  • Each participant will need to know their date: day/month/year, time, and location of birth for a complete chart. Any approximated information will result in an approximate birth chart and could result in inaccurate information. While we may be able to decipher the approximate placements of planets this is most effective with accurate and complete information.


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