This amazing session is designed by Michelle, Founder of Jai Dee Wellness, with a special guest Alysia, a CHOOSE YOURSELF SEEKER. Markedly, 'CHOOSE YOURSELF SERIES' is a unique series developed by Michelle to help individuals grow and make a prominent shift in their life. To know more about CHOOSE YOURSELF SERIES, you may click here.

To raise kids courageously is an art. You have to take proper care of them in every possible manner. Factually, that's the 360-degree approach that makes you a responsible parent. But, what's that approach is? What's the correct way to go in a routine?

Obviously, every day your children are growing, you can't have the same approach entirely!

And, the fun part is, the moments that are gone are not coming back to you again. You have to take proper care to make those moments cherished for a lifetime while providing some value to their life.

And it doesn’t matter if your children are 9 or 99. There is something for everyone here!

In fact, you wouldn’t even have to have kids. If you have any children in your life, this is for you!



Michelle Aalbers

Michelle Aalbers, owner & operator of Jai Dee, is a Registered Thai Therapist (RTT), Reiki Master, yoga teacher (CYT 500), and a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). She is committed to helping people go within to find their own healing for their highest potential. Michelle has a passion for learning and helping others which has led her to complementary studies such as Thai herbal compress, foot reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang, restorative yoga, and aromatherapy. She strives to provide sessions and classes that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of her clients. Offerings are a sharing of energies and healing from a loving place with the highest intentions.


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Within the session, we will talk about some major points that play a vital role in raising kids. A few of those points are given below for your reference.

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  • Making shift happen within parenting.
  • Opportunity to change the perspective through the eyes of your child(ren)
  • There is more fear and ego in parenting than we realize. Learn ways to refocus.
  • Redirection is key.
  • Gratitude, mindfulness, goals, and a pause.
  • Empower your child(ren) to problem solve and learn to trust themselves.
  • Self-care…do your work! Your kids are watching you. Lead by example.
  • Get out of perfection.
  • Communication is key! Are you talking? Are you listening? How do you communicate? How do your kids?
  • Breaking patterns!
  • Creative ways to redirect, refocus, and make it for a more connected, empowered life with your kids!


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