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Jai Dee is a wellness studio with regular yoga classes, workshops, and services focusing on self-healing and personal development. We know that for healing to begin you must first work on self-love in a kind, loving, and unconditional way. We can promise you will be welcomed to the studio and cared for with a kind heart. In turn, when you come to Jai dee with a kind heart we can help you reduce tension, heal from within and calm the mind. You can shift out of old habits to balance the mind-body-spirit connection.


All Services Available by Appointment Only


Get professional insights on what has passed, what is there, and what is about to come in your way of life!


Connect with your inner wisdom, get intuitive insight, and create an opportunity to get out of your own way!

Thai Massage

Let your body relax and receive the much renowned traditional Thai Massage session from us!


Get energy healing from our certified Reiki professionals and head towards removing pains and mental blocks!

Monthly Dose

Exciting monthly packages to intensify peace in your life while saving more! Get your dose now!


Book Your Slot Now For Special Classes/Events At Jai Dee


Michelle has put her heart and soul into creating an amazing space with a variety of offerings. Just being in her studio feels like a big warm hug. If you’re ready to be supported by the community, explore a new practice, or receive a powerful healing session this is your place.

Michelle and company are so wonderful! I've taken a Zentangle class and participated in a chakra series with Synchrony(now Jai Dee) and have enjoyed every minute. Beautiful humans sharing their gifts to help me in different areas of my life. I highly recommend taking a class with Michelle to...

Michelle is amazing, she has a gift of very quickly being able to zero in on a problem area. While at the same time offering tips and suggestions on what to do at home for prevention. In addition to helping my painful hip and knee, she improves my entire well-being...


We are a catalyst for your self-healing. Choose an extraordinary life!

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