Introduction to Energy Healing: Meeting the Healer Within

Introduction to Energy Healing: Meeting the Healer Within

Prerequisite: None – All levels welcome | Cost: $65 | Teacher: Nicole West

In this workshop, we will explore the subtle body to gain a clearer understanding of ourselves as healing points on this planet. This class is for those who are new to energy work, and for practitioners wanting more practice and guidance in their work.

Class includes:
Exercises for quieting the mind and strengthening inner listening.
Introduction to the anatomy of the subtle body: Nadi’s, meridians, chakras, and aura.
Access the heart for healing.
How to hold space for ourselves and others.
Increasing sensitivity of feeling energy with our hands.
How to modulate our own energy body to become centered and grounded.
Introduction to hands-on healing/ chakra balancing.

Yoga Instructor | Reiki Instructor
Nicole has been a wellness facilitator and educator for over 22 years, offering services in massage therapy, energy healing, yoga, and meditation. In 1998, Nicole graduated from Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy, earning a certification in both massage and neuromuscular therapy. Over the years, she has spent time working in clinical, spa and health/ fitness environments, and as an educator in Massage Therapy and Reiki. She has continued her education in esoteric energy work, Usui, Karuna, and Celtic Reiki. Nicole is also a graduate of Devanadi Yoga’s 235hr and 340hr Teacher programs, with studies in classical Hatha yoga, Parayoga, and meditation. Nicole is passionate about helping people remember how to heal themselves. At Jai Dee, Nicole teaches all levels of Reiki, hatha yoga and meditation.


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