Tara Flaskerud


Tara went to Anoka Ramsey for Holistic Health and Wellness.  She loves to help give others back to themselves through DIY smudge class workshops and self-help seminars. Tara is highly sensitive to the energies around her and works hard to keep her space in positive energy. No matter what she goes through she always seems to look at what the silver lining is. She has overcome and gone through lots of trials and tribulations throughout her life as many of us have. What makes her shine is how she uses those situations as learning opportunities and to be able to help others. She views them as a strength and not a weakness. Her smile is a great example of that. Her smile is different than most and she uses that as a strength. Tara uses a lot of different techniques when she works with others. From energy healing, color, and life coaching, utilizing different senses to help others become more aware with themselves and to start listening to their own selves. 

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