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Register for upcoming workshops using the calendar below the descriptions. Pre-registration is required.

Prerequisite: A desire to work on personal development | Teacher: Michelle Aalbers 

Jai Dee’s Choose Yourself Series is a progressive set of 10 courses designed by founder Michelle Aalbers to inspire you, prepare you, and guide you to dig deeper into your own self-healing. These are not yoga classes; this series includes concepts from Thai massagerestorative yogaZentangle Method®Reiki, aromatherapy, and life teaching, as well as the wisdom and techniques Michelle has gained from the gurus she has studied with during her travels. Learn more about the individual courses here.

$15 per person (regular price $20) for a 3 card reading. $40 per person (regular price $50) for a 7 card reading.

Michelle will create an online or in-studio Tarot party for you and your friends! Each person can choose to receive a 3-card Tarot or oracle card reading or a full 10 card reading. Perfect for 4 to 8 people. Contact Michelle to set your date and plan your event. Each participant will get their own reading with the option to do the reading in the group or privately. We can do breakout groups so either way is perfect. The possibilities of the readings are really endless. Come prepared with a question and format in mind or keep it simple and go with a 3-card past/present/future reading for your highest good. Note: You don’t have to share your question with the group unless your host says otherwise. 😉  Look within and see what you’d like some new perspective around. Examples of 3-card reading options: past/present/future mind/body/spirit current situation/obstacle/advice What I think/What I feel/What I do (around a situation, relationship or self) What worked or is working / What didn’t work or isn’t working/ Important lessons What unites you/what divides you/what needs attention (around relationships)

3-card tarot readings delivered via email. Monthly or weekly options are available.

Tarot memberships are meant to be a fun way for you to get new perspective and insight. Readings are meant to help you look within, connect with your Higher Self, and perhaps see something you hadn’t noticed before. Remember, you always have choices and and ultimately, you are responsible for your decisions. Choose from a monthly or a weekly membership.

Prerequisite: Intro to Zentangle | Teacher: Michelle Aalbers

The Zentangle Method, developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create amazing drawings by assembling simple elements into complex structures of great beauty. Come spend an inspiring afternoon learning with a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) who is excited to help you create beautiful drawings you never thought possible. See the schedule for the specific focus of each workshop.


Prerequisite: None – All levels welcome | Teacher: Varies

We invite you to join us for this deeply nourishing workshop; in which your instructors will work intuitively to create a space of sacred rest and renewal. Sometimes we are called to add elements of Thai therapy, aromatherapy, crystals, singing bowls or drums to the practice. Timed to coincide with the healing power of the new moon, full moon, solstice or equinox, this workshop is an opportunity to honor the creative and nurturing forces within.


Prerequisite: None – All levels welcome | Teacher: Jonna Duke

Y12SR combines the practical tools of the 12-step program with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Combining the two creates a model that truly address addiction as the physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease that it is.

Registration for these ongoing sessions is not required. However, please note that we have limited space and participation is a first come, first served basis. A portion of all donations ($15 suggested) goes to support a charity of the group’s choice.

Y12SR is a 12-step based discussion and yoga practice that is open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. This is an open and inclusive group.


Prerequisite: None – All levels welcome | Teacher: Michelle Aalbers

Thai yoga bodywork combines a variety of massage and healing techniques to reduce tension and optimize your body’s energy flows. It is excellent for physical conditions such as fatigue, headaches and migraines, insomnia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, PMS and many others. As well, it improves mental health by reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Thai yoga bodywork is a fun, enlightening, and powerfully effective self-care practice. It’s a wonderful way to connect with a friend and learn more about where you hold tension in your body! Michelle will guide you and a partner though Thai yoga bodywork techniques in this fun 2 hour workshop.  Participants will learn to give and receive a relaxing Thai yoga bodywork sequence. No experience necessary. A take-home study manual will be provided. Come with a partner or pair up at the workshop.

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