We have Weekly Yoga classes available too!

Yoga classes and workshops at Jai Dee are more than a physical practice. Our certified teachers will set intentions for each class and offer dharma talks (lessons on why we are doing the practice). In addition to asana (the physical practice), workshops may include pranayama (breathwork), chanting, meditation, and more. Check out our classes at the top of the page for our upcoming classes and events.

Why should you do Yoga?

Yoga is an unusual practice that not only relaxes your body but the mind. Different poses/asanas increase your flexibility and remove the stiffness of joints. Markedly, not all Yoga poses require years of practice and consistency. If you are an intermediate or a beginner, you undoubtedly may learn basic Yoga to keep yourself relaxed, fit, and healthy very conveniently.



Dawn Perra

Dawn is 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance, specializing in Hatha, mindful flow, and meditation, as well as a certified Pilates instructor. She began practicing yoga over 20 years ago when other popular forms of exercise left her feeling physically exhausted, stiff and sore, and mentally scattered and anxious. Years of practice and an advanced teacher certification have resulted in an understanding of yoga and meditation on a physical, mental and emotional level that Dawn is excited to share with students at Jai Dee. Dawn believes that yoga practice can benefit all body types and ability levels through modifications and proper muscle memory. On a similar note- she believes mindfulness meditation practice is available to everyone, even (and especially) those with a busy mind who have trouble focusing and clearing their thoughts. Dawn also teaches adaptive chair yoga and gentle yoga in addition to Hatha and mindful flow and often incorporates Yin, restorative, and Pilates pose into her creative class formats.


Bethany Hutchinson

Bethany is a yoga practitioner with a deep appreciation of the transformative power of body, mind, and spirit – for anyone and everyone. She has a rich background in movement, with a degree in theater, years of experience in coaching children’s gymnastics as well as working with people with special needs. Her yoga practice was sparked by her prenatal classes in anticipation of her first child (now 11) and has continued through her personal practice and 230 and 500-hour teacher training with Tanya Boigenzahn at Devanadi Yoga. She has also completed 2 restorative teacher training, Mind-Body Solutions Level 1/2, and Advanced Studies. She aspires to provide a class experience that is rooted in the idea that mindfulness, collaboration, community, and self-care are the seeds to living a more compassionate and purposeful life


Nicole Navratil

Nicole’s yin yoga journey began in 2015 when she began attending weekly classes in her neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis. Always a fan of slowing down, she fell in love with the pace and purpose of yin. Nicole is grateful to have discovered yoga almost 20 years ago during her time at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and has been on the path ever since. Nicole’s yin yoga training is with Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner, and she also completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Tanya Boigenzahn at Devanadi Yoga. Nicole is a Level II Usui Reiki practitioner and is interested in learning more about Ayurveda and yoga therapy. A few of Nicole’s other hats include teaching music and English, being a wife and auntie, and singing professionally. Her most favorite hobbies are reading, cooking, and travel. She’s delighted to return to teaching yoga after an extended break, and very much looks forward to meeting the lovely Jai Dee community.



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