You will find the tangle prompts for Quarantangle

below the calendar at the bottom of this page.

VIRTUAL Intro to Zentangle Workshop for All Ages |FREE Recording | Teacher: Michelle Aalbers

Spend about an hour as we explore this meditative drawing method. This class is designed for beginners and for kids of all ages. It fulfills the prerequisite for the other Zentangle Workshops at Jai Dee. Class size is limited and registration is required. Please deregister if you cannot make the class to open a space for another participant.

Gather your art supplies and make sure your Zoom account is ready to go. 

Paper – Ideally blank watercolor paper but really anything will work as long as you have pens, pencils, crayons or something that will show up on the paper you are using.

Graphite or colored pencils – if you’d like to do shading make sure you have pencils and a cotton swab handy.

If you prefer to use Official Zentangle® supplies, they can be found at Zentangle.com. For this class we will use one 3.5" white tile, a Pigma Micron 01 black pen, a General’s graphite pencil, and a tortillion.

Interested in learning more? Rent or buy our Zentangle Garden class. 


Zentangle Method® Workshop | Cost $25

Prerequisite:  Intro to Zentangle | Teacher: Michelle Aalbers

The Zentangle Method, developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create amazing drawings by assembling simple elements into complex structures of great beauty. Come be inspired learning with a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) who is excited to help you create beautiful drawings you never thought possible. See the calendar below to sign up for upcoming Zentangle workshops. Note: In-studio workshops include supplies and are $35

Owner | Practitioner | Instructor
Michelle Aalbers, owner & operator of Jai Dee, is a Registered Thai Therapist (RTT), Reiki Master, yoga teacher (RYT 500), and a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). She is committed to helping people go within to find their own healing for their highest potential. Michelle has a passion for learning and helping others which have led her to complementary studies such as Thai herbal compress, foot reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang, restorative yoga and aromatherapy. She strives to provide sessions and classes that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of her clients. Offerings are a sharing of energies and healing from a loving place with the highest intentions.

Quarantangle 2020: Days 1 – 76

Jai Dee’s physical studio has been closed since March 17th due to COVID-19. Since then, we have moved as much as possible online. We love our community and we enjoy connecting with you however we can in these unprecedented times. Many of us are tangling our stress away. Catinka Ink suggested we create a list for quarantine. It didn’t take us long to come up with this list for you to use at your leisure. Start where you are, catch up on the list, or tangle as it suits you. We would love to have you tangle along with us to reduce stress, build and strengthen a community and unite in loving-kindness. May you be happy and healthy! 

March 17th – Poke root/ poke leaf

March 18th – Vertigogh

March 19th – Knightsbridge

March 20th – Springkle

March 21st – Sampson

March 22nd – Crazy Huggins

March 23rd – Flux (Maria or Ricks)

March 24th – Aloha by CZT® Suzanne Fluhr

March 25th – Rixty

March 26th – Arkand by Lynn Hensley

March 27th – Mooka

March 28th – Flos by CZT® Christina Vandervlist

March 29th – Caviar by Lori Howe

March 30th – Bales

March 31st – Cat-kin by CZT® Mimi Lempart

April 1st – Jetties

April 2nd – Bunzo

April 3rd – Pepper

April 4th – Toodles

April 5th – Kettling by CZT® Ria Matheussen 

April 6th – Indy-Rella

April 7th – Henna Drum by CZT® Jane MacKugler

April 8th – Marasu

April 9th – Kadibra by CZT® Ria Matheussen

April 10th – Arukas

April 11th – Well

April 12th – Tripoli

April 13th – Quiltz by Kym Barlow

April 14th – Narwal by CZT® Samantha Taylor

April 15th – Molygon

April 16th – D’Rua by CZT® Mei Hua Teng

April 17th – Squid

April 18th – Munchin

April 19th – ‘Brella by CZT® Bunny Wright

April 20th – Aquafleur

April 21st – Betweed

April 22nd – Cyme

April 23rd – Hollis

April 24th – Ing

April 25th – Fife

April 26th – Ayame by CZT® Emiko Kaneko

April 27th – Andante by Lily Moon

April 28th – Zeppo by CZT® Ria Matheussen

April 29th – Safflower by Sarah Fowler (Saffy)

April 30th – Scallamp by CZT® Sara Uram

May 1st – Inapod by Carole Ohl

May 2nd – Ginili by Randi Wynne-Parry 

May 3rd – Gingo by CZT® Lisa Chang

May 4th – Qian-long by CZT Diane Tai

May 5th – Ta-Da by Margaret McKerihan

May 6th – Eau by CZT® Christina Carroll

May 7th – Zanzee by Cathy Cusson

May 8th – Vea CZT® Ria Matheussen

May 9th – La-La-Lavendel by Lianne Dam

May 10th – Ha-nuka by Yamit Fridman

May 11th – B-Twixt by Randi Wynne-Parry

May 12th – Garlic Clove by Jacquelin Bredenoord 

May 13th – Cubine

May 14th – Cresent Moon

May 15th – Fan Dance by CZT Diane Knauff

May 16th – Kollide by CZT Kim Winebrenner

May 17th – Ok-rah by CZT Liza Buckley

May 18th – Konk by CZT Lori Manoogian

May 19th – Artoo by CZT® Laura Harms

May 20th – Windmill by CZT Hiroko Matsuo

May 21st – Appease by CZT® Connie Green

May 22nd – Haf n Haf by CZT® Dennie York

May 23rd – Aydee by Indrani Novello

May 24th – Dinoflor by CZT® Suzanne Fluhr

May 25th – Fission by Richard Anderson

May 26th – Hamail by CZT® Tina Hunziker

May 27th – Kaboom by CZTR Tabitha Bedoukian

May 28th – Spin ‘n’ Swirl by CZT® Shilpi Gupta

May 29th – Rings by CZT® Cat Kwan

May 30th – Wandw by CZT® Hsin-Ya Hsu

May 31st – So Wat by CZT® Susan Pundt

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