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Tarot readings give you an insight into your past, present, and future. Even these sessions light up your ways of tackling the life situations or issues that are bothering you.

Usually, these sessions are full of surprises and in-depth information about your personality. All you have to do is to indulge in the session and let your vibrations do the magic while picking the cards. The more cards you chose, the more information you receive.

Further, while you may visit our studio anytime, seeing the current scenario, we are providing tarot reading via Zoom or phone call too.

Michelle Aalbers - Your Tarot Reader

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The more cards you chose, the more information you receive.

3 card reading Join our monthly tarot membership!

7 card reading gives you insights into your Past, Present, Near Future, Environment, Hopes and/or Fears, and Long Term Future.

10 card reading gives you insights concerning -

  • Life's situation.
  • What is supporting or opposing the current situation?
  • The root cause of the situation.
  • Past, as it relates to the situation.
  • How you or others view the situation?
  • Near future/next change in the situation.
  • You in the present situation.
  • Outside influences and relationships that affect the situation.
  • Hopes and wishes of the receiver.A most likely outcome of the situation.
  • A most likely outcome of the situation.


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