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Michelle and company are so wonderful! I've taken a Zentangle class and participated in a chakra series with Synchrony(now Jai Dee) and have enjoyed every minute. Beautiful humans sharing their gifts to help me in different areas of my life. I highly recommend taking a class with Michelle to...

Michelle is amazing, she has a gift of very quickly being able to zero in on a problem area. While at the same time offering tips and suggestions on what to do at home for prevention. In addition to helping my painful hip and knee, she improves my entire well-being...


We are a catalyst for your self-healing. Choose an extraordinary life!

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Challenge Yourself By Michelle Aalbers

December 13, 20223 min read

Challenge Yourself


And for the love of love, stop creating stories of worry in your head that just waste minutes, hours, and DAYS of your life in things that may never happen. If they happen THEN you can trust yourself to navigate through whatever it is!

I kept some of the things I do hidden for a long time when I worked out of my basement doing Thai massage, Reiki, and yoga. No, not THOSE types of things. Though some people definitely make some assumptions when you offer massage and that seems to amplify with it being Thai massage. I used to be afraid of those situations. After over a decade in the business, I realize that I have implemented safe and secure practices at the studio and I am strong and confident enough to send anyone away who is expecting something we don’t offer. I am not afraid to say “We are not the studio for you!”

The point of saying all of that was it’s nice to know that I trust myself. I have found self-love, self-confidence, and self-trust. I knew I struggled with what I called self-esteem, but I maybe hadn’t given myself the credit for doing the work to find myself and learn how to love myself completely. Staying hidden was part of that lack of self-esteem!

FEAR OF JUDGMENT was another thing that kept me hiding in my basement!

I kept feeling that I needed to get out there. Be seen. My intuition and my Spirit Guides were telling me to stop hiding. Telling me that I am doing what I chose to be here on earth for. And yet, I stayed hidden from the people closest to me for fear of judgment. Why on earth would I want to leap out into the WORLD naked, so to speak, when I won’t even share what I do with the people closest to me?

Here I am. Bold in what I offer. Teaching what I’ve studied, lived, and used in my own healing. Offering all of that to anyone who is called to work with me and the Jai Dee community. And –– I still find myself being triggered sometimes (OFTEN!) when I do new things. Especially when I’m opening myself to a new group of people. It’s like I go in holding my breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop when they find out I read tarot, or do Reiki, or any of that other “energy work stuff”. I have to remind myself that I’m not in my old patterns anymore. I don’t live there. I’ve done work around being authentic to who I am. Not everyone has to like me or resonate with what I do –– just because they don’t, doesn’t mean they will be bullies. Yet there is a young woman inside of me who is fearful of not being loveable. Of being “wrong” at how she shows up in life.

The funny thing is, I used to be skeptical of all the things I do. I didn’t resonate with any of them. Somehow I found them. Somehow they found me. And they changed my life for the best! I have to remind myself that, just like I am capable of setting healthy boundaries with the people who come looking for inappropriate services we don’t offer at Jai Dee, I am capable of setting healthy boundaries any time I need them!

So, when I join new communities and I notice myself triggered, or fearful to trust and open to the level of vulnerability required to get the most out of what I signed up for, I can remember that I LOVE what I do! I can also remember that I am capable and confident in showing up authentically, and able to create distance from anything and anyone as I need to.

If anything here resonates or brings things up that you’d like to talk about. I’m here. We are in this together. Let’s SHINE!



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