Chiangmai, Thailand. November 2024.

Pack your bags now! Woohoo!

We leave November 12th to arrive in Chiangmai on the 13th

We leave Chaingmai November 29th to return to USA on November 30th, 2024.



-Walking tours/Saturday Night Bazaar/Sunday Walking Market/etc.

-Elephant Nature Park - full-day experience

-Street food tour

-Group thanksgiving dinner

-Wat tours

-Special "foodie focused" group dinner

-Warorot Market tour

-Free time to explore Chiang Mai!

Additional opportunities available but not included:

-Thai massage with known and trusted experts

-Singing bowl healing

-We will connect you with our connections

To Apply:

Use the button given at the bottom of the page to book your slot. Contact Us for your inquiries.

Please note:

-The deposit amount is $500 per person- which is not refundable. As after your book with us, we will immediately start planning for the next things for you.

Prices are $5,000 for single occupancy and $8,900 for double occupancy. Payment plans available. Final payments must be received by November 1st!


$5000 for single occupancy

$8900 double occupancy (you will be sharing a bed)

(charges do not include flights)


We will leave November 12th and return November 30th, 2024.

This trip is not a hotel stay. We have made accommodations with friends who own a well-cared-for, clean, rustic, and charming location with room for all of us. What does this mean for our group? It means we will experience unique Thai activities with our hosts that are sure to make our time in Chiang Mai extra special.

BONUS! Breakfast is included with our stay! Another included bonus is a garden-to-table Thai cooking class. There are beautiful gardens on the property with various trees and organic herbs. We have more fun surprises available for you, but you’ll have to wait until we get there to find out about those!

Stairs! There will likely be some stairs to climb. I hadn’t thought about that fact when I packed for my first trip to Chiang Mai in 2012. I learned the hard way that less really is more! And the lighter the things you pack, the better! I overpacked and my suitcases were HEAVY! Yes. Suitcases. I brought a couple thinking it would be smart to take advantage of the two free checked bags offered to me. That was a big mistake and I have some tips and tricks to help make your travel more enjoyable. We will share these at the meet and greets we will have before the trip.

There are a lot of opportunities for walking in Chiang Mai and many of our tours will be walking tours to explore the city. We are going to show you the ropes so you can feel comfortable exploring on your free days. We recommend bringing comfortable shoes, including at least one pair of close-toed shoes.

If you need to connect with people from home, there is WiFi on the property. You may want to take note of the time difference. They are 12 hours ahead of us if you are in CST like us here in Minnesota. Thailand has all kinds of sounds that are different from home. Some of my favorite sounds to hear are the temple bells and various birds singing their songs. If you are a light sleeper, we recommend bringing earplugs.

The air-conditioned private rooms have various-sized beds, most of which are queen-sized. There are a few doubles, as well. Please keep in mind that booking a double means you will be sharing a bed! The homes we will be staying in are traditional Thai/Lanna-style homes and we can’t wait to experience Chiang Mai in this unique setting with YOU!

Send us your questions! Have things you are curious about or need some help with? Send us an email and we will get back to you or include it in our group meetings. Chances are, if you’re curious about it, someone else in the group will be, too!




In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us

Michelle Aalbers

Michelle is a multifaceted individual, weaving her expertise as an intuitive coach, energy worker, tarot reader, professional speaker, author, Zentangle artist, and healing strategist and catalyst. With her diverse skill set, she empowers individuals to transform their lives by guiding them toward shifting their energy and releasing what no longer serves them.

As an intuitive coach, Michelle taps into her intuitive abilities to provide deep insights and guidance to her clients. She helps them navigate their journeys, assisting them in uncovering their true potential and purpose in her special Choose Yourself Series. Her energy work facilitates the release of negative energies and blockages, allowing for profound healing and transformation.

With her captivating presence as a professional speaker, Michelle captivates audiences with her wisdom and authenticity. She shares her experiences and teachings, inspiring others to choose themselves and embark on a journey of self-healing and personal growth.

Michelle's work extends to private coaching and healing sessions too, where she creates a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their inner worlds. Through interactive sessions in her exclusive Choose Yourself Program, she facilitates personal breakthroughs and assists her clients in amplifying what serves their highest good.

Not only is Michelle an accomplished healer and coach, but she is also an author, spreading her insights and wisdom through her written words. Her books provide a valuable resource for those seeking guidance and inspiration.

In addition to her many talents, Michelle is a skilled Zentangle artist, using this meditative art form to promote relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness.

Markedly, Michelle, with her unique combination of skills and passion, embodies the transformative power of healing and self-discovery. She invites individuals to choose themselves, step into their authentic power, and embark on a journey of healing and personal transformation under her compassionate guidance.


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