We are catalysts for self-healing and we empower people to choose themselves.

Control the internal. The external can wait.

The Choose Yourself Seekers Community is direct and kind-hearted. We empower each other to love and to tremble.

Fear doesn't stop us for long.

We get to it and cut through it.

Do you ever feel like you have helicopter mind 24/7/365 and you’re not the pilot? We help you land that sucker and take control of your life. You will see things you can’t unsee, and you will be supported to look, to see, to feel, to heal.

Are you ready to get out of your own way?

Growth takes time & effort, and a supportive community lunges us forward in healing.

You are invited to change your future, find your purpose, and heal.

Join our 1:1 mastermind personal development program.

Get out of your head and into your heart for an empowered and joyful life.

Choose Yourself!

Our Choose Yourself Seekers 1:1 program gives you direct access to Michelle, Jai Dee's Mastermind Community, and many other resources and special guests.

This year-long immersion program is valued at well over $31,000.

Join our Seekers now with a payment plan of $1155/month for 12 months or $578 for 24 months!

Or pay in full for only $12,000!

SHIFT with tools that support YOUR personal growth.

"After attending a raw and honest wellness retreat over the weekend, I am finding a shift. This retreat provided limited outside influence and my whole broken heart available for medicine. My pain, sadness and anger have been present in unmanageable ways this year. I had the choice to choose myself, shift my energy with intentions.

I shift to allow my acceptance of people, circumstances and my grief. I accept the gift of clarity and I shift to continue my soul purpose. I shift my intentions to be of self love and boundaries. I shift to the home inside of me where my pathways can clear and I can move."

~Stella Carlson

Don't give up! Show up!

Your life WILL change!

Do the work. Find the value.

If you do the work and don't find the value, we've got a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Are you ready to make this a year for you?

Are you ready to STAND IN YOUR POWER?

Are you ready to shine?

All of this is Included in Your 1:1 Personal Program!

  • 24 private Choose YourSelf coaching calls. ($24,000 value)

    • Personalized coaching to get clear on the root causes of your obstacles and create solutions

    • Set achievable goals

    • Learn how to create an intentional mind

  • 12 group Choose YourSelf online coaching sessions. ($6,000 value)

    • Mastermind workshops

    • Celebrate wins, inspire, and be inspired

    • Share goals in community, deepen friendships and connections

  • Access to private online Facebook and Telegram communities. ($750 value)

    • Be held accountable and celebrate your wins in community

    • Practice healthy boundaries in a safe space

    • Be inspired and supported in making different choices to create your extraordinary life


  • 50% off 1 all-inclusive Choose YourSelf Retreat - with your own room at Sugar Lake Lodge. ($1,250 value)

    • Create shift in a kind-hearted, supportive, and direct community

    • Receive 1:1 sessions with professionals who will support you in looking within to find what's keeping you stuck

    • Amenities to enjoy and free time to reflect and integrate healing and insights

  • 2 private consultations with a doctorate-level psychologist. ($1,000 value)

    • Receive personalized psycho-education for mental health support

  • And many more FUN SURPRISES and BONUSES throughout the year! (Priceless)

Space is limited.

This will be an intimate, vulnerable, courageous group, ready to tackle life in a powerful and authentic way.

When we are living from the heart not the head, life gets easier. It just does.

We are a kind-hearted community ready to welcome you home.


Jai Dee

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