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Michelle Aalbers

Michelle Aalbers, owner & operator of Jai Dee, is a Registered Thai Therapist (RTT), Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher (CYT 500), Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), and a Solution Based Counseling Practitioner. She is committed to helping people go within to find their own healing for their highest potential. Michelle has a passion for learning and helping others which has led her to complementary studies such as Thai herbal compress, foot reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang, restorative yoga, and aromatherapy. She strives to provide sessions and classes that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of her clients. Offerings are a sharing of energies and healing from a loving place with the highest intentions.


Jai Dee’s Choose Yourself Series is a progressive set of courses designed by founder Michelle Aalbers to inspire you, prepare you, and guide you to dig deeper into your own self-healing. These are not yoga classes; this series includes concepts from Thai massage, restorative yoga, Zentangle Method®, Reiki, aromatherapy, and life teaching, as well as the wisdom and techniques Michelle has gained from the gurus she has studied with during her travels.

An overview of each course is listed below. The series is offered as a full immersion weekend summit, as a yearlong program, as private sessions, or any combination of the above. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Time For Pause


The hustle and bustle of daily life have us forgetting to slow down. Imagine sitting in rush hour traffic. You are at a standstill in a sea of vehicles. Is your mind quiet or are you frustrated? How do you choose to use that time?

Sometimes these forced pauses are the only ones we take. We tell ourselves these forced “breaks” are enough, but we crave more calmness.

You are not alone in the quest for calm or in the challenges of making time for yourself. Let’s hit the “breaks” together!

Say YES to the Mess


Do you ever feel like your day-to-day life has gotten a little “messier” than you would like? The mix of our work life, home life, and social life can be challenging and confusing. You have everything you need to clean it all up and make this beautiful mess exactly what you want it to be.

Love the “I” in Friend

Love Yourself_

What kind of words do you use when talking to your family and friends? How kind are you to the people in your life? How kind are you to yourself? Do you show yourself the same kindness you do to other loved ones?

Be the person you most enjoy spending time with. Become your own best friend. Learn to Love the “I” in Friend.

I no. I Know. Saying Yes to Yourself

Healthy Boundaries_

Do you set healthy boundaries for yourself? Are you a “yes” person or a “no” person? Learn to know what is for your highest good. How do you allow others to treat you? Give yourself the space you need to receive the messages you are getting on a daily basis so you can set healthy boundaries in all of your relationships.

Face it! Fear not!

Refocus Fear_

Is it possible the only thing holding you back is fear? Fear is powerful and limiting. Living from a fear perspective will never bring you joy. It’s time to face that fear! It’s time to get more comfortable with the unknown. External control is a lie. Internal control is a choice. Let’s find our courage, conquer fears, and start doing more to live our best.

Awareness, Not Avoidance


Are you avoiding things that make you uncomfortable? Do you get impatient and jump into things without awareness? Can you discern between when you are avoiding things and when you are being mindful of knowing when the right time is for action? Understanding when to act or to wait can be difficult to put into practice. Are you aware or are you avoiding it?

The Power of Love

Choose Love. Live Your Truth_

When you’re working to find yourself and live a better life you notice the positive changes in your world and you want the same for others. Sometimes this brings in judgment and frustration. “If only they knew what I know. If only they could feel what I feel.” Remaining in a place of love and compassion can be one of the hardest pieces of this path of choosing yourself. For yourself and for others, in deciding between action and inaction, seeing through the eyes of love and living with a kind heart will change the world around you. It will change OUR world! Everyone is on their own journey – we all have our own things to face, to release, and, eventually, to love.

See your “old” self through the eyes of love. How others see you…or don’t…as you grow in your self-healing can get interesting. In this course, we bring it all together. Healthy boundaries, patience, and forgiveness are key.

Come to Peace with the Pieces


We are human. We need to experience both pleasure and pain in our lives. There needs to be a balance of yin and yang, light and shadow – you can’t have one without the other. Let the judgments pass, be open to forgiveness, collect the pieces and regain your peace.

You Were There All Along

Shine and Live in the Light_

Allow yourself to shine. Do not dim your light for any reason. Do not make it complicated. Just be. Be Divine! Go above and beyond. Be infinite!

Bonus | Empath

You’re an Empath. Now What?_

If you find yourself feeling things and wondering where they are coming from, you might be an empath. Learn ways to ground, protect and power up!


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