Tarot Memberships

Tarot memberships are meant to be a fun way for you to get new perspective and insight. Readings are meant to help you look within, connect with your Higher Self, and perhaps see something you hadn’t noticed before. Remember, you always have choices and and ultimately, you are responsible for your decisions.

Jai Dee services, classes, and events, including but not limited to bodywork, yoga, tarot, Reiki, are intended to support overall well-being and relaxation. The classes and services offered are not meant to diagnose, treat, or remedy any illness, disease, injury, or mental disorder.

Memberships are non-refundable. No notice is required for you to cancel your membership; however, it may take us 24 -48 hours to process the cancellation. Please keep this in mind when cancelling. Once you have been billed for a month’s membership we cannot refund that month and you will receive the readings you have paid for. All readings are done so with the understanding that you are 18 years of age or older and by signing up for membership you agree to the terms of service.

Monthly Tarot Membership $20/month

Auto-renews each month. Cancel at any time.

You will receive one Past/Present/Future 3-card tarot reading each month.

Weekly Tarot Membership $65/month

Billed monthly. Auto-renews each month. Cancel at any time.

By purchasing this membership you are commiting to a full month of weekly 3-card tarot readings each month.

Weekly Schedule
Week 1: Past/Present/Future
Week 2: Mind/Body/Spirit
Week 3: What you think/What you feel/ What you do (in your relationships)
Week 4: What is working/What isn’t working/Important lessons

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